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2019-20 Band Boosters Executive Board

Director Brian P. Nutting
Associate Director Jacob Greenwood
President Denice Schomer
  • Organize and set agenda for monthly booster and board meetings
  • Work closely with Director of Bands to fulfill objectives
  • Supervise committees to ensure objectives are being met
  • Serve as primary booster contact for parent questions
  • Coordinate and lead orientation parent/student meeting
  • Publish marching band orientation packet
  • Review constitution annually & present needed revisions to the board
  • Update parent welcome letter and information packet
  • Serve on or lead special committees
Vice President Carol Jean
  • Assist President
  • Assume duties of the president at meetings in his/her absence
  • Succeed to the office of the president if the president is unable to perform the necessary duties
  • Coordinate officer nominations
  • Prepare volunteer lists
  • Secure chaperones for all events excluding band camp and spring trip
  • Coordinate mass communications
  • Maintain student data
  • May serve on or lead special committees
Secretary Kathleen Strong
  • Take attendance at board meetings
  • Record and publish minutes of all booster and board meetings
  • Attend to all official band correspondence
  • Reserve rooms needed at school for booster activities
  • Supervise band booster board elections
  • May serve on or lead special committees
Treasurer Donyel Renaud
  • Track and deposit incoming funds
  • Make approved payments to vendors and suppliers
  • Reimburse boosters for approved band related expenses
  • Track actual expenses
  • Manage bank account
  • Prepare and submit all IRS tax filings as required by law
  • Obtain insurance coverage as needed for officers and band functions
  • May serve on or lead special committees
Production Chairperson Sarah Leight
  • Supervise and act as liaison for the following special committees and activities
    • Costume and flag creation
    • Pit crew
    • Prop creation
    • Colorguard support
    • Drumline support
    • Uniform distribution, maintenance, and collection
    • Volunteers to assist with off-site performances
    • Medical bags
    • Flowers for stage and events
    • Stage decorations for events and concerts
  • May serve on or lead special committees
Social Events Chairperson Melissa Evans
  • Supervise and act as liaison for the following special committees and activities
    • Band Banquet
    • Colt Celebration
    • Tailgate party
    • Senior activities
    • Refreshments for band events such as concerts, band camp return, football games, rehearsals, parades, booster meetings
    • Solicitation of donations from local businesses for refreshments, flowers, props, supplies, etc.
    • Special events such as hayride, laser tag, and dances
  • May serve on or lead special committees
Fundraising Chairperson Lisa D'Souza
  • Understand and help meet annual band program financial goals
    • Fall and winter fundraisers
    • March-A-Thon
    • Music Marathon
    • Colt Celebration
    • Palace Concessions
    • Merchandise ordering and sales
    • Raffle licensing and ticket sales
    • Fruit and nut sale
    • Candle sale
    • Fundraising for special instrument sections or groups within the band
  • Research future fundraising opportunities
  • May serve on or lead special committees
Public Relations Josephine Dannug
  • Promote the image and fine accomplishments of our bands throughout the band families, school district, and community
    • Publicity/press releases via local newspapers, etc.
    • Troy Highlites
    • Orchestra liaison
    • Showcase decorations
    • Photography and video support of all band events
    • Band website and website calendar
    • Band historian
  • May serve on or lead special committees
Uniforms Sarah McGahey
  • Supervise uniform distribution, maintenance and collection
  • May serve on or lead special committees
Webmaster Denice Schomer
Charms Administrator Denice Schomer
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